Permanent Exhibitions


There are four permanent exhibitions in our museum.

  • The First People of the Kiewa Valley and Bogong High Plains

  • Kiewa Valley Cattlemen & Women, and their Huts

  • Kiewa Hydro System

  • Skiing Across Country


All exhibitions artefacts featuring, photos, films and stories about their themes, which tell the history and heritage of the Kiewa Valley.



The First People of the Kiewa Valley and Bogong High Plains displays the cultural heritage and history through artefacts, maps, charts, vidoes and photos. It was developed in conjunction with the elders of the Dhudhora peoples. Above is Uncle Ollie at the exhibition opening.  

Artefacts on display include, grinding stone tools, axe heads, a coolamon with preserved grubs, a possum skin, and Bogong Moths. The indigenous peoples are the only people in the world to have hunted and collected Bogong Moths as a food source. 

The Cattlemen and women of the Kiewa Valley took their cattle to graze Bogong High Plains during the warm summer months. There are no cattle on the high plains now, and this exhibition explores this tradition which lasted over 100 years. The Kiewa Valley farmers and the huts they used during the muster of their cattle are highlighted in this display. A DVD, photos and original objects owned by the cattlemen and women give authenticity to this interesting exhibition. 

A photo gallery displays a time line of history for the Kiewa Valley. 

Skiing Across Country exhibition displays the stories associated with the first winter assent of Mt Bogong by Europeans. It was truly an amazing feat. 
All the stories associated with skiing on Mt Bogong did not end well. The Cleve Cole tragedy is a stark reminder how unforgiving this mountain can be. Something which still applies to skiers today!